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We are, at our heart, teaching a new generation of students that we are one world, all interconnected, and all in this together.

If you are feeling despair at the world’s current political environment or just want to be inspired by the next generation of leaders, I invite you to donate, participate, lead a team, be a judge, a mentor, a sponsor or a community partner.

Your spirit will be lifted by seeing young people learn to look outward, bridge gaps, and make connections that will propel them to do great things. Above all, watch them learn that they can make a difference in the world. Despite (or maybe because of) their age, they can indeed act to make the world better.
— Jeff Lormand; Chairman of WAC's board of directors



WAC offers a simple and fun way for teachers to educate their students about global issues. When a teacher or team leader registers a team, they get: 

  • September-March Curriculum Guide with individualized program support

  • A variety of standards-based lesson plans

  • Pre-written current event & geography quizzes

  • Detailed rubrics to link with grades

  • Research support from Denver Public Library

  • Reading lists and online videos to support students’ learning about topics

  • Interesting, relevant event passes & access to a vast network of community partners

  • An exciting way to teach 21st Century Skills (collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, creative problem solving, presentation)

  • A memorable and meaningful way to incorporate service for students

Whether WAC is embedded into a teacher's curriculum or offered as a stand-alone elective, it can be a powerful tool for experiential global education.

Whether WAC is embedded into a teacher's curriculum or offered as a stand-alone elective, it can be a powerful tool for experiential global education.

It can be a delicate balance to educate students about politics and global issues. WAC makes this task simple yet meaningful for teachers and students alike. Connecting students with WAC’s Community Partners can provide first-hand accounts of people living with these challenges and connect students with people already working to solve them. Assigned mentors can lend their valuable experience to a team of young people seeking to implement their global solutions. Pre-written current events and geography quizzes can make the acquisition of international relations facts more fun. The Collaborative Question aspect of WAC invites students to put their knowledge, skills and leadership to the task of quick and informed problem-solving.

It is rare that students are asked to look at a real-world problem and come up with their own solution. The World Affairs Challenge helps students realize that we live in a global community.
— Chris Elnicki, Middle School Teacher



The World Affairs Challenge (WAC) is an exciting academic competition that gives students an opportunity to get involved in global affairs. When students participate in WAC, they get:

“After the WAC competition, a few of us from the team decided to keep speaking out in the world. We now participate in bulletin boards on the NY Times and other websites. We’ve found that as long as one is well-informed, people will listen”.
— Sam B.; Middle School Student
  • Expanded knowledge of global issues

  • International connections with various Community Partner organizations

  • Exciting service opportunities

  • Collaboration with students from around Colorado 

  • Formal Presentation experience

  • Public speaking practice

  • Free research support

  • Opportunity to win funds and networking connections to enhance their projects