Follow this simple checklist in order to prepare yourself and your students for the World Affairs Challenge. Once you have completed step 1, move on to step 2, and so on. Please do no skip steps. It will help you stay on-track during the months leading to the Event Day. Please note that the list below contains hyperlinks which will take you directly to the resources you need. 


  1. Register and pay for team(s)  
  2. Review Teacher Planning Guide

  3. Access WAC Lesson Plans
    (you will receive a code to unlock this page upon registration)

  4. Review timeline for teams to prepare for WAC 

  5. Request WAC Mentor

  6. Provide WAC with team details (December 2018)
    - final list of team participants for event
    - formal presentation description for each team

  7. Organize WAC event day logistics with team members and parents

  8. Have each participant take the Global Awareness Quiz (February 2019)

  9. Download the WAC APP & share with students (WAC APP version 2, February 2019)

  10. Complete teacher survey (March 2019)