One of the wonderful parts of World Affairs Challenge is the opportunity for our students to be able to mingle and build relationships with local community leaders, business decision makers and educators.  Mentors can:

  • Aid student research (before the WAC competition: November - February)

  • Facilitate WAC activities

  • Provide new perspectives

  • Inspire young minds

  • Cultivate new passions

  • Share personal experience

  • Learn from the youth

  • Help teams implement their projects (after the WAC competition: March - May)

Commitment: On average, mentors meet with their WAC team 1-2 times a month and sometimes more frequently near competition day. WAC provides mentor guides to help facilitate the conversation and aid student learning. The learning and teaching between mentors and students goes both ways.

Please fill out the form below and we will pair you with a team that can benefit from your knowledge and passion!


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