Each year dozens of local educators and professionals join us at the World Affairs Challenge as judges.  Their role is essential to the success of the WAC in meeting our goal of fostering life-long learners.  Judges get to watch and assess team presentations and collaborative questions. Many judges tell us they are learning a lot themselves!

Judges must be available to stay for the entire duration of the WAC event, which is generally from 8am-3pm.

The judging criteria for WAC focuses on rewarding 21st Century Skills of critical thinkingproblem-solvingcollaborationcultural awareness and communication, all essential skills for tomorrow’s workers and leaders.

Serving as a WAC judge is a voluntary effort. Coffee, breakfast, and lunch are complimentary. Judges will have the opportunity to spend the day interacting with fellow community leaders and volunteers, local NGOs, and of course tomorrow's leaders and problem solvers!


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In 2019, both Middle and High School competitions will take place on March 2nd.
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