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WAC is an exciting, academic competition that gives students an opportunity to think critically about global development. The program consists of two phases: the research/preparation in the weeks and months leading up to the WAC Event Day, and then the competition/presentation on the day of WAC.


Claver Hall, NW corner of Regis University, 3333 Regis Boulevard, Denver, CO 80221.  Directions are here!  Look for Claver Hall just west of 52nd and Lowell.  Free parking will be available in the lot between Lowell Boulevard and Claver Hall.


Saturday, March 8th High School, 7:45 registration, 8:25 beginning of event, and 4:30 adjournment

Saturday, April 5th Middle School, same times

Structure and Assistance

Research/preparation phaseWAC provides seven means of assistance as your student team researches and prepares for its WAC presentation.

  1. The “water, water, watertheme explains this year’s question.
  2. The “How to WAC” provides engaging ways for teachers to introduce this year’s theme.
  3. “2014 Teacher Planning Guide” includes WAC history and general information, team-building strategy, student preparation suggestions, judging criteria and grading rubrics, and tips for success.
  4. A Program Director (Emily Fox,, Research Associate (Deb Schaffer,, and university student and civic Mentors.  You may contact Emily and Deb with specific questions.  And once your team is registered, you will be assigned a Mentor to help your students refine their knowledge, research skills, questions, and ideas for presentation.
  5. Follow this website’s toggles – About and Event Media - for videos and pictures from recent WAC competitions.  These provide great insight as to what students might expect on the day of WAC competition/presentation.
  6. Reading lists and chapters (pdf), videos, and links to academically superior articles.
  7. Interesting, relevant events and news posted to our Facebook page

Competition/presentation phase:  

  1. The competition begins with your team’s study for and completion of the Global Awareness Quiz.  This webpage provides 50 sample questions on this year’s topic, and from this list, 25 questions will be selected and reworded for the quiz.  The WAC Program Director will forward to teachers the quiz, instructions, and log-in information two weeks before the WAC competition.  This quiz is closed, so no book/note/computer (or any other helpful device) other than your students’ own brilliant minds!  This quiz is due online seven working days before the day of WAC competition/presentation – February 27th!
  2. Students also give their Formal Presentation twice before two different sets of judges.
  3. After these presentations by each high school team, students are then distributed across the whole population of WAC participants to conduct on-the-spot problem-solving of a Collaborative Question.  These mixed student teams must then put together and present an impromptu CQ presentation to another set of judges.

Teacher Role

Teachers serve primarily as coaches and facilitators, helping the students prepare for the day. Students should feel free to take the lead as much as they are able and willing, and should be encouraged to take ownership of their own success.

Recruiting a Team

There are three primary ways of recruiting a team:

  1. Incorporate WAC into a course curriculum.
  2. Establish an extracurricular club.
  3. Field a team of interested students.

Teams may consist of up to 8 students. Please see the 2014 Teacher Planning Guide for more information.

The Theme

Please click here for “Water, water, water”.


$325 to participate, but reduced to $250 if your team is registered and paid by 15 January 2014.

How to Register

Please click here to register. Teams must be registered by January 31, 2014.

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