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New Resources: Technology and Innovation

Wondering how to research Innovation and Technology for the World Affairs Challenge? We’ve prepared a research how-to crib sheet !

2013 WAC Crib Sheet


More coming soon.

Pakistani Girls’ Schooling Activist Survives Attack and Speaks. Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl shot and wounded by the Taliban in Pakistan after campaigning for women’s rights and girls’ education, says she has been given a “second life.” She is 15 years old. (MDGs 2 and 3, BBC, 2013)

UN MDGs We Can End Poverty Videos

Innovation in Marketing the Toilet in Cambodia. Sanitation Marketing Pilot Project, that is being implemented by the International NGO IDE ( in Cambodia. Designing and selling affordable toilets. (MDGs 1 and 7, 2013, 9 min.)

Creating a Revolution in How We Think about Poverty: Helping 12 Million People. iDE founder Paul Polak discusses his 12 steps for effective problem solving to end global poverty. (MDG 1-8, 8 min.)

Understanding What It’s Like for Somebody Else: Innovation in Household Water. US University design students look at how to design household water systems in an informal settlement in Chile. (MDG 1, 6-8, 2 min.)

President Bill Clinton and Dona Lina Manueles, Leader Awardee, speak at iDE’s 2012 Leaders in Their Fields Luncheon

Design with the Other 90%

Watch Examples of the MDGs at Work!

Meet Netta Ophir with Bridges to Prosperity

Engineers Without Borders – USA

Appropriate Technology Gains Ground in Developing Countries

The Millennium Development Goals

Additional Web Resources

TED’s UN Development Program Introduction to the MDGs


10 Homebuilt Tech Tools for the Developing World

What is Sustainable Tourism?

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to e-Waste: Why Our Gadgets are Toxic to Developing Nations


Cellular Snuff ‘n’ Stuff

SCHOOL: Diminishing the Digital Divide

Start with a Girl: A New Agenda for Global Health

Water Woes: Almost 1 Billion People Don’t Have Clean Water, a Report Finds

How to Research Using Google

Google Advanced Tutorial