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2013 WAC Crib Sheet

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Academic Articles

Distance Education via SMS Technology in Rural Bangladesh

Instant Noodles as an Antifriction Device: Making the BOP with PPP in PNG

Managing Natural Resources Through Simple and Appropriate Technological Interventions for Sustainable Mountain Development

The Potential Impact of Plant Biotechnology on the Millennium Development Goals

Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation: Emerging Lessons from Developing Countries Supported by UNDP

Pathways of Technological Change in Developing Countries: Review and New Agenda

Lesson Plans

TeachUNICEF: Millennium Development Goals

PBS: Slums in the Spotlight: Will the Millennium Development Goals’ Target be Met?

PBS: Bringing the Future to People

The New York Times: Harvesting the Seeds of Technology

Sample Collaborative Questions


CQ 2012 Background Information

CQ 2012 Belarus Neighbors

CQ 2012 Belarusian Parties

CQ 2012 Day of Information

CQ 2012 Final Candidate Posters

Prior Years

CQ 2011 A New Era for Yemen

CQ 2007 You Have a Million Dollars to Invest in One Coffee Company

CQ 2006 Who Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize?

CQ 2005 Energy Crisis in India (Nuclear vs. Solar vs. Dams)

CQ 2004 Improving Children’s Rights in Pakistan (Juvenile Justice, Education, Child Labor)

CQ 2003 Funding Burundi, Vietnam and/or Bangladesh (Food Aid, Technology, Research, Communication & Transport, or Education

CQ 2002 Schistosomiasis: Education has Limited Funds and Must Decide Which Country to Help and How

CQ 2001 Rivers of Conflict: Damming the Tigris and Euphrates – High School

CQ 2001 Rivers of Conflict: Damming the Tigris and Euphrates – Middle School

Scoring Rubrics

2011 Formal Presentation Scoring Rubric

2012 Collaborative Question Scoring Rubric