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Welcome to the 2014 World Affairs Challenge Registration Page!

We’re thrilled that you will be joining us for the World Affairs Challenge. This year’s theme is Water,water, water! 

UNICEF/ HQ96-1166/Giacomo Pirozzi

Please register using the form below.  Thank you for entering as much information as possible at this time.  We will contact you in the future to collect any information you are unable to provide here.  Please only submit this form once per team.  Any additional information can be sent to Emily Fox at


$325 per team

 Teams must be registered by
January 31, 2014.



CTIR makes every effort to provide registration and participation funding for Title 1 schools.  Please contact us at for more information regarding funding.



To complete your team registration, please send a check to the address below for $325, or use the Pay Now button to pay by credit card.


Center for Teaching International Relations

1031 33rd Street, Suite 174

Denver, CO 80205


Pay by credit card here:

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