WAC Activities Guide includes suggested curriculum and activities for all defined stages of WAC research and preparation. Teachers and mentors - please use these resources as necessary to help guide students through international learning and global engagement.


Phase 1 | Getting Started

a. The Lily Pond: Parable | 30 minutes

b. The World at a Glance | 45 m

c. Group Norming and Storming | 30-45 m

Phase 2 | Introducing Smart Cities

a. Smart Cities: How Do We Build the Cities of Tomorrow?  | 45 m

b. Circle of Perspectives | 1 hour

c. Smart City Design | 1 hour

d. Steps Toward the Future  | 30 m

Phase 3 | Challenge, Solution, Presentation

a. Identify the Challenge, Find the Solution | 50 m

b. Prepare Presentation | 50 m+


Stay tuned...more WAC Activities Coming Soon!